Said, the woman turned to look at Lin Feng, and then the light yarn on the surface off. [Name: steel pipe] [type: consumable] [property: breaking Defense] [usage times: 3] [quality: common Lin Dong said in a deep voice, "ladies and gentlemen, please spread the news!" In a flash, Fang Yu was stunned and then looked at Fang Qi with a little surprise. Bai Qi stayed for a while and looked along the direction of Hai Tian's fingers. After a look, he "It's said that there is no marriage between Feng and Jing." "Ha ha ha ha, you don't have to be so nervous. This thing was scrapped when I was born. If it ca The void was blasted and sparkled with electric sparks, leaving a bright light mark in the air, whic "Tell me, the cultivation method of five mountain secret arts." After this cry, Wan Shoufu felt a solemn and stirring feeling gushing out of his heart. He no longer Xiao Pingtou also did not return a way: "it is too cold now, outside will catch cold!" This man came in without notice, because he had been hiding in the shadow of the cloud volcano, unti Witness in person that Nanhai city was sealed and Zhuyu was sealed. Agulora looked at Wang Dong with disdainful eyes and said with a sad face. But she wants to step back, there is no energy left! Yang Kai couldn't help but stare: "and this restriction?" "Not necessarily. I'm sure you won't be able to withstand my four blows." After hearing about the problem, the Dragon quickly turned around and pointed to the wild plants on

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