The photograph for the magazine is the bait, and the picture of the military flag is the fish hook, Many entertainment journalists live on news. But Yi Yuan shrugged his shoulders and grinned bitterly. (at the end of the month, please see if there are flowers, ha, please smash some, thank you ~ ~) "The two of us, the places where we have been active for many years, are not worth mentioning." After that, Xu Shang resolutely picked up the sharp sword on the ground with his left hand, crossed As soon as Hua Tianqiong heard that the prince of the two soul clans set the six major forces as the It seems that this time, not only Zichen was ill at heart, but also Roy's sense of the Legion wa At this time, it was in Yong'an Dang outside Chaoge city. They have been fighting for a long time, but the exterminated beasts only occupy a small part of the He discussed with Lu Jing's peers, but his daughter called Lu Jing brother, which was chaotic en Bai Shiqi's father stopped Bai Shiqi's words with his eyes, When luck left the raft, he immediately turned to the side, and the plague dropped the second group Even these two thousand Mo people have all lost their breath and their strength has fallen sharply. Fang Yun, wearing a white shirt and black trousers, said hello to everyone with a smile. It makes the human resistance army a disaster. A more important feature is that Tianma can fly, and the power of air cavalry troops is very clear t Sure enough, as he said, the police directly rushed to the security guards who had been attacked by

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